Posted on 26-Apr-2019

Combe Wood Computers

Warning all Windows 10 users - After all the update issues from October 2019 Microsoft are about to release the May 2019 update and early updaters have already found an issue.
"Microsoft notified its users that the May Windows 10 update won't install on PCs using USB storage or SD cards. The company says it's blocking the installation on those PCs because "inappropriate drive reassignment" might occur and could impact both external devices and internal hard drives. As a workaround, users will need to remove any USB thumb drives, USB-based external hard drives or SD cards and restart the update.

According to ZDNet, only users updating from Windows 10 v1803 (released April 2018) or Windows 10 v1809 (released October 2018) will run into this issue. Users running older versions of Windows 10 should be able to install the May update without any problems, regardless of USB devices and SD cards. Microsoft says it will resolve the glitch before future updates."

My advice is hold off from updating right away and wait a week or two to let them iron out any release issues.
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