Posted on 17-Jun-2019

Combe Wood Computers

Dust build up is one of the worst enemies for computer parts. If you don’t clean your computer regularly, your desktop or laptop will eventually start experiencing heating problems, which can affect performance and one day could even damage components.
No matter the environment your computer or laptop is in it always seems to pull in dust and in turn this dust clogs up the internal fans.
Do NOT just poke the hoover inside of your pride and joy as they can create static electricity and do more damage than good.
Book your laptop or computer in with us for a service. Not only will we remove all the dust and debris from inside you your computer or laptop but we will also replace the thermal compound on the CPU and GPU helping your computer or laptop to to stay nice and cool. This in turn will help the laptop or computer run quieter, cooler and have a much longer lifespan.
So if your laptop or computer is 4 or 5 years old or is used in a dusty environment give us a call today and get your computer booked in for a service.
A basic service costs £35 and will save you much more in the long run.

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